InVent Life Sciences, LLC provides professional management to start-ups looking to commercialize Life Science technology. As serial entrepreneurs, we have built a commercialization model that leverages a valuable network. Together, a cost effective, risk-adverse product or device validation model is achieved.

Business Development

Translating biotechnology out of a research environment and into an effective industry strategy - presents challenges of every kind. InVent Life Sciences has developed TekniGROW™, a highly structured and effective program to minimize risk, cost and effort. TekniGROW™ focuses resources on milestones that will position the technology to be noticed by Industry.

Currently, we have a number of promising technologies which we are commercializing:

ILS-01:   Biomarker for early detection of Alzheimer's Disease

ILS-02:  Immunosignature based drug discovery for Brain Cancer.

ILS-03: Too new to announce yet. Stay tuned

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